Shoebox Scanner

Last week when I went to Mr. Peres to pick up the Tele Rolleiflex I met with Glauco.

He was picking up a Tessar 160 mm f/4.8 lens for Hasselblad he left to clean.

Glauco is a fantastic phographer and it worth take a look at his flickr pages. He makes the kind of pictures I like and sometimes I have to be careful not to copy his way of shooting. He has a very impressive set: Hasselblad, Pentax 67, Rolleiflex 2.8 with Xenotar lens, Tele-Rolleiflex and Wide-Rolleiflex.

Not to mention his “dream fridge”.

As I mention before, Glauco created a very cheap scanning gadget: the “Shoebox Scanner”.

All photos on his flickr were scanned using this method and, as we can see, he has achieving some very good results.


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