Henning Serger made an interesting report on Photokina focused on film produts. He adresses to readers:

“Sometimes it has indeed advantages to live in Germany . Especially all two years when it is Photokina time again .

So as you are far away from Cologne, living in sunny California, the prairies of the midwest, in New England and the lone star state. You film photographers from the endless wide of Canada, the Scottish Highlands and Englands Midlands, the shores of Ireland and the unique nature of South Africa; you film lovers Down Under and in New Zealand, you European neighbours from Scandinavia and from all other countries all over the world, united here at apug.

I’ve been your ears and eyes, visiting the film related booths at Photokina and talking there to the manufacturers. Well, I’ve had only two days time, and a part of this time had to be reserved for my own topics (some film and lens manufacturers has been interested in the test results of our non-profit test-lab).

Because of this limited time I could not visit all manufacturers I wanted to. But nevertheless I’ve talked to all relevant film manufacturers and some film camera manufacturers and bigger film distributors, too.”

Read the report.


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