Rollei 35, Leica M3 and Fine Art

Luiz Jorge works as infectologist and on his spare time he mix chemicals for D76, D96, D23, Parodinal and others. Last Saturday we met for a coffe and he took this beautiful Rollei 35 with Triotar lens.

He also purchased a Fuji X10 that in a few years will worth less than he paid for the Rollei 35.

AC is the world famous “Dream Fridge” guy. He is also a lawyer and a great photographer. This time he brought one of his many Leica M3 with Sumilux 50 mm f/1.4 lens.

AC also purchased a Fine Art from portuguese photographer Nanã Souza Dias made by traditional printing.

Ricardo shoots Nikon digital until I lent him one of my Rolleiflexes (this one with Xenotar lens).

He liked it so much that he is now looking for a Rolleiflex to buy. He told me: “I´m impressed by the sharpness up to the edges of the frame”.


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