Camera Junky

Gabor made another great article, this time about Pentacon Six.

I understand his passion for this camera. I had a P6 too with three lenses: Flektogon 55 (photo below), Biotar 80 and Sonnar 180.

I used this camera a few times but I gave up because it was too heavy to take all three lenses for a walk. I ended up using only one, usually the 80 mm. So I thought that, for a single-lens 6×6 camera, Rolleiflex was more compact and light.

I used the Sonnar 180 on my Yashica 35 mm with an adapter.

Here a picture taken with Sonnar 180 on 35 mm film.

1 thought on “Camera Junky

  1. You are right, if you use only 1 lens, a TLR probably a better option to travel with. I like your zebra type Sonnar, those are the best ones. Bests, Gabor

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