Large Format and Nikon Stuff

Guilherme Maranhão is friend and an artist that uses photography as a tool. He masters developing chemistry and traditional enlarging as nobody I know. Last week I´v been on his office. Here he is with a Polaroid 600SE.

Here a 5×7 camera with Schneider lens.

Another large format camera.

And large format papers and films.

Some films ready to be scanned or print.

The Cezane scanner.

San Marco enlarger for color prints.

Some 35mm stuff he was selling.

That red box is an Agfa Silette.


2 thoughts on “Large Format and Nikon Stuff

  1. Olá
    Boa noite
    A Sillete ainda está à venda ? Por quanto?
    Tive uma há mais de 50 anos e gostaria de matar a saudade.

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