My Rolleiflex

Untill the begining of this year I had six Rolleiflexes until I decided to sell the most of them and keep only this one. It´s a 2.8F Whiteface with Xenotar lens. Among all Rolleis it´s the one I enjoy the most because of it´s built-in lightmeter that works fine for daylight use (for low light I use the Soligor Spotmeter).

Here some pictures of me using this camera.

1190 - My Rolleiflex

1191 - My Rolleiflex

1192 - My Rolleiflex

1193 - My Rolleiflex

1194 - My Rolleiflex

And loading film (which I think is a pain).

1195 - My Rolleiflex

1196 - My Rolleiflex


2 thoughts on “My Rolleiflex

  1. Hi Roberto ,how are you doing?
    Thanks for you and this perfect camera I’m now enjoying my own Rolleiflex.

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