New Hasselblad in Town

I love my Rolleiflex but sometimes I miss shooting with a wideangle lens. So since a few months ago I was willing to have a Hasselblad, not only because the possibility to change lenses but also because I heard so much about the quality of its lenses.

Thanks to the digital era the price of film camera dropped to almost nothing and this weekend I could afford to purchase a Hasselblad 500C/M with four lenses (Distagon 50/4, Planar 80/2.8, Sonnar 150/4 and Sonnar 250/5.6) and four A12 backs.




1272 - Hasselblad

All on its original leather case.

1273 - Hasselblad

1274 - Hasselblad

The case is in bad shape but the gear is OK. I will soon take it to a CLA at Mr. Peres.


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