Future of Kodak Films

From The Phoblographer:

“Though we’ve reported on it before, there has recently been confusion about the fate of Kodak’s film business. Folk who are still loyal to the film are wondering whether or not it will survive and if the quality will stay the same. We talked to Kodak, and we’re going to once again restate exactly what they’re saying.

Kodak’s film business will now be owned by the Kodak Pension Plan, but Eastman Kodak will continue to manufacture the film. So as far as they’re saying, your Tri-X and Portra will still continue to look and function the exact same. At least that’s what Kodak is telling us. There is no other word of how else KPP might affect the manufacturing of film.

If I were you though, I’d stock up.”

1515 - Kodak Future


2 thoughts on “Future of Kodak Films

  1. A guy whose opinion on all matters photographic I respect, has stated publicly that he feels film will be available for a longtime yet. I feel that monochrome will certainly survive. Look at specialist secondhand retailers in the UK alone, selling 35mm film cameras every day bar Christmas!
    Nikons, Canons, Leicas, Minoltas, Pentaxes, Contaxes, not to mention all the elderly and collectable cameras. Look on the websites of Ffordes of Inverness, Scotland, or Peter Loy in London or MW Classic Cameras also in London. And I would remind you that Leica still make and sell new two cameras – MP and M7. Enough said. (Thank you Roger).

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