Michela and a Rolleiflex Story

Michela is a friend journalist and photographer I met a few years ago at Galeria Sete de Abril. A very calm girl with a beautiful smile. It is really a joy to talk to her and spend some time together.

Some time after we met I introduced her to our “photo club” when she got more interested in film photography. She then came to me to check a camera she wanted to purchase on a local shop. It was a Rolleiflex 2.8F with Planar lens in PERFECT condition. I told her “If you don´t buy this camera, I will” and she promptly bought it. Now there she is, happy and sound with her camera.

1881 - Michela

1882 - Michela

1883 - Michela

1884 - Michela

Forgot to tell: Lindsay sent me the photos.


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