Hoarding Films + Double-X

Today I got a bulk roll of Tri-X from Alex, who is giving up 35mm. From now on he will shoot only medium and large formats.

1991 - Tri-X

I have a good sort of films. Never miss an opportunity to get cheap films, even expired and even if you don´t need. If you shoot film, someday you´ll need it.

Caires also hoards film (this is his fridge). As you may notice, he is more into medium-format than 35mm. Medium format is very addictive.

1992 - Caires

Speaking about films, a few months ago a group of friends purchased a bulk of Eastman 5222 Double-X (I wrote about it).

1998 - Eastman 5222

We loaded into 35mm canisters and distributed among our friends (10 films each). I´v been shooting a lot of Double-X since then and these are the last two.

1993 - Double-X

It is moderately fast (ISO 250) and high contrast which I like very much. It is also scratch-resistant what saves post-production time. Here are some photos.

1997 - Double-X

2000 - Double-X

1996 - Double-X

1995 - Double-X

1994 - Double-X


2 thoughts on “Hoarding Films + Double-X

    • Thank you for your coment. I used D76 and Parodinal and I´m very pleased with the result. I actually gave up using D76 because Parodinal is very – VERY!! – cheap. Best Regards.

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