Andre Correa is an enthusiast of film photography that really turns words into actions. Among other things he organized Filmepalooza and Queimandofilme, a website dedicated to film photography. He also started a Facebook page where people gather to comment, show and tell about their film cameras.

Here are some cameras shown at this comunity.

Mauro Tonelli

2082 - Mauro Tonelli

Alexandre Oliveira.

2083 - Alexandre Oliveira

Mauro Veiga.

2121 - Mauro Veiga

Claudio Tebaldi (he is a great guy! I sold him this Takumar 200mm f/4 lens).

2084 - Tebaldi

2085 - Tebaldi

2086 - Tebaldi

2087 - Tebaldi

2088 - Tebaldi

2089 - Tebaldi

2090 - Tebaldi

Bruno Pezzi.

2091 - Bruno Pezzi

David Marques.

2092 - David Marques


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