New Twin Rolleiflex

From time to time I come across some good deals. A few months ago I purchased a Rolleiflex and took it to Mr. Peres for a CLA. Last week he called me to say “It´s done” and today I went there to pick it up. Only then I realized it is a whiteface with Xenotar lens identical to the old one (at left).

2125 - Rollei Xenotar

Its serial shows it is a bit newer than the other.

2126 - Rollei Xenotar

I can´t wait to burn some films with the new camera. I even bought some Acros, very cheap.

2124 - Fuji Acros

Speaking about Rolleiflex and film, Claudio – a friend who lives in Rio de Janeiro – also got some films to feed into his cameras.

2122 - Claudio Tebaldi

2123 - Claudio Tebaldi

I love TLRs!! They are light, handy and the leather case provides good protection to the camera.


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