Guys and girls and their cameras – 3

Leo Lazzaro and a very hard-to-find 6×9 Voigtlander Bessa II (similar to the mine).

2147 - Leo Lazzaro

Julio Cezar with a Polaroid…

2148 - Júlio Cézar Marin

… and what looks like a Olympus O-something.

2149 - Júlio Cézar Marin

Juvenal Pereira.

2150 - Juvenal Pereira

Josias Teofilo.

2151 - Josias Teófilo

Lucas Maruo and a Hasselblad.

2152 - Lucas Ryoiti Maruo

Lucas Souza and a Yashica (maybe?).

2153 - Lucas Souza

Mario Vazquez and an old Leica III.

2154 - Mario Vázquez Amay

Marlon Henrique and a Canonet QL-something.

2155 - Marlon Henrique

Paulo Neves and a Canon FX.

2156 - Paulo Neves


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