Girls, Guys and Their Cameras – 12

Felipe Paiva and a Olympus Trip.

2231 - Felipe Paiva

Ana Clara and a Diana.

2232 - Ana Clara

Bruno Faiha with two cameras: Leica M6…

2233 - Bruno Fraiha

… and Pentax K-1000.

2234 - Bruno Fraiha

Vitória Leona and a Diana CMYK.

2235 - Vitória Leona

Ni Lu Silva selfieing her cameras: Olympus Trip (I think), Pentax K-1000 (not sure), a box camera and a Diana.

2236 - Ni Lu Silva

Rodrigo Cardozo seems very happy backpacking with his Pentax K-1000.

2237 - Rodrigo Cardozo

This one.

2238 - Rodrigo Cardozo

Lucas Bortotti and a Rolleiflex 2.8F (notice also the shutter tatoo on his arm).

2239 - Lucas Bortotti

This is a family of photographers. From the left: Gabi da Rosa, her father and her sister. Besides they work with digital cameras, they rather choose hold film cameras in this picture. Gabi holds what I think is an Agfa 6×9, her father have a Mamiya 645 and Guiga have a baby Rolleiflex.

2240 - Guiga da Rosa

Mario Testino and a Pentax 67-II.

2241 - Mario Testino


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