Windows (film style)

Every photographer – doesn´t matter if film or digital – should someday try to shoot a waist-level camera. It is a great experience and really makes you think ten times before press the release button.

Aldo Barranco and a Mamiya 6×7.

2402 - Aldo Barranco

Abner Cestari with a Pentax 6×7.

2403 - Abner Cestari

Fabio Oliveira with a Pentax 6×7.

2404 - Fabio Oliveira

2405 - Fabio Oliveira

And notice he took the above photo with a Contax 645.

2406 - Fabio Oliveira by Mattheus Brito

Erika Mayumi using my Hasselblad.

2407 - Erika Mayumi

2410 - My Hasselblad

Erika was shooting Barbara Bombachini shooting her Mamiya 6×7.

2408 - Bárbara Bombachini

2409 - Bárbara Bombachini

Carolina Amorim with a Rolleiflex.

2411 - Carolina Amorim

Ziza Gomes with a toy camera.

2412 - Ziza Gomes

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