Windows (film style)

Every photographer – doesn´t matter if film or digital – should someday try to shoot a waist-level camera. It is a great experience and really makes you think ten times before press the release button.

Aldo Barranco and a Mamiya 6×7.

2402 - Aldo Barranco

Abner Cestari with a Pentax 6×7.

2403 - Abner Cestari

Fabio Oliveira with a Pentax 6×7.

2404 - Fabio Oliveira

2405 - Fabio Oliveira

And notice he took the above photo with a Contax 645.

2406 - Fabio Oliveira by Mattheus Brito

Erika Mayumi using my Hasselblad.

2407 - Erika Mayumi

2410 - My Hasselblad

Erika was shooting Barbara Bombachini shooting her Mamiya 6×7.

2408 - Bárbara Bombachini

2409 - Bárbara Bombachini

Carolina Amorim with a Rolleiflex.

2411 - Carolina Amorim

Ziza Gomes with a toy camera.

2412 - Ziza Gomes

Girls, Guys and Their Cameras – 28

Guilherme Magalhães with a black Nikon FM.

2392 - Guilherme Magalhães

Gustavo Mahoney poses with a Rolleiflex 2.8D.

2393 - Gustavo Mahoney

José Pavoski looks through a Rolleiflex 2.8F.

2394 - José Manoel Pavoski

Paulo Ferraz checks an unknown camera.

2395 - Paulo José Silva Ferraz

Ricardo Takamura ducks to shoot his Nikon F.

2396 - Ricardo Takamura

Tatiana Gaclik with a Phenix (first time I see this brand).

2397 - Tatiana Gaclik

Ana Júlia Fernandes shows her Olympus OM2.

2398 - Ana Júlia Fernandes

The Best Post Ever

Well, if you are a straight guy that love film photography and TLR cameras…

A few months ago another Playboy magazine portraied a girl holding a Rolleiflex in its cover. It was the second time it happens in a short period (the first time is here) and I thougth it would be nice to show more sexy girls with TLR cameras.

2362 - Playboy

2363 - Chick TLR

2364 - Chick TLR

2365 - Chick TLR

2366 - Chick TLR

2367 - Chick TLR

2368 - Chick TLR

2369 - Chick TLR

2370 - Chick TLR

2371 - Chick TLR

2372 - Chick TLR

2373 - Chick TLR

2374 - Chick TLR

2375 - Chick TLR

2376 - Chick TLR

2377 - Chick TLR

2378 - Chick TLR

2379 - Chick TLR

2380 - Chick TLR

2381 - Chick TLR


2383 - Chick TLR

2384 - Chick TLR

2385 - Chick TLR

2386 - Chick TLR

I have no idea why a naked girl would be more sexy holding a Rolleiflex. For me a girl is sexy naked or clothed and a camera is just a tool to take pictures.

I really would appreciate comments on this subject: why a camera can be sexy?

Girls, Guys and Their Cameras – 26

Vagner Luiz with a black Nikon.

2352 -  Vagner Luiz

Vagner built his own 4×5 camera. My respects.

2353 - Vagner Luiz

2354 - Vagner Luiz

Bruno Leonardelli shooting a Hasselblad.

2355 - Bruno  Leonardelli

Caroline Bittencourt with what I think is a Canon A-1 (not sure).

2356 - Caroline Bittencourt

Ale Anselmi looks through a Pentax K1000.

2357 - Ale Anselmi

Edson Ferreira is a professional photographer that works mostly with a Hasselblad and film. Take a look at his facebook page.

2358 - Edson Ferreira

Fabio Yamaji in the mirror with a Nikon FM-something.

2359 - Fabio Yamaji

Fabio works with animation and he made a stopmotion clip for 2001 Rio Film Festival using strips of films.

2360 - Fabio Yamaji

Here a youtube video for the making-of. Very impressive!!

2361 - Fabio Yamaji

Big Rally with Pentax

Yesterday near 2 million people went to the streets in the biggest rally against a government in Brazil´s history. I hate comunism and off course I was there too. As soon as I got to the rally I found this girl, Bruna, with a Pentax K1000 hanging from her neck. I showed her my “new” camera (see bellow) and she agreed to let me take her pictures

2346 - Bruna

2347 - Bruna

A few months ago I needed some cash and I decided to sell my dream team of (very expensive) Contax lenses and (not so much expensive) Yashica cameras.

2350 - Yashica FX-2

2351 - Dream Team

You know, trading stuffs here and there I end up with three Nikon lenses that I never used: 55mm f/1.2, 35mm f/1.4 and 85mm f/1.8. They were in pretty fair conditions, with lots of scratches and cosmetic wear. But I thought it was time to give´em a try and I bought a black Nikkormat in near the same conditions than the lenses. Now I´m shooting this.

2348 - Nikkormat

2349 - Nikkormat

I still have these lenses:

– Planar 85mm f/1.4.
– Distagon 25mm f/2.8.
– Tele-Tessar 200mm f/3.5.

If you are interested, please, send me an email: Thanks.