Girls, Guys and Their Cameras – 21

Cássio Murilo with a Nikon F-something and an old Tokina lens.

2300 - Cássio Murilo

Here, Cássio with the same camera but, apparently, a modern Nikon lens.

2301 - Cássio Murilo

Cristina Pires with a Nikon F50.

2302 - Crisna Pires

Josias Tófilo with a Leica M4.

2303 - Josias Teófilo

Kenji Munekata with a russian Zorki.

2304 - Kenji Munekata

Phelipe with a Nikon FM2.

2305 - Phelipe Paraense

Phelipe with the same camera calmly shooting a HUGE SPIDER in his arm.

2306 - Phelipe Paraense

Girls, Guys and Their Cameras – 20

Ana Júlia and a Olympus OM-10 OM-1 (thank you, K).

2293 - Ana Júlia Fernandes

Arthur Ubiratan and a Nikon FM2.

2294 - Arthur Ubiratan

Bárbara Rossi and Olympus OM-10.

2295 - Bárbara Rossi

Bruno Pezzi with a Olympus Trip.

2296 - Bruno Pezzi Leonardelli

Caroline Bittencourt with a Zeiss Ikon Fuji X-100 (thank you, Oscar).

2297 - Caroline Bittencourt

Cássio Murilo with a Pentax Spotmatic.

2298 - Cássio Murilo

Gustavo Mahoney and a Olympus OM-10 (thank you, K).

2299 - Gustavo Mahoney

Girls, Guys and Their Cameras – 19

Rafael Peixoto and a Rolleiflex.

2285 - Rafael Peixoto Ferreira

Fernando Porteiro and a Nikon F5.

2287 - Fernando Porteiro Jesus

Guilherme Trojã with a Canon F-something.

2288 - Guilherme Trojã

Carolina Amorim shooting a Nikon (I think).

2289 - Carolina Amorim

Murilo Barbelli with a rangefinder camera.

2290 - Murilo Barbelli

José Otavio with a Yashica 124G.

2291 - José Otavio Lobo

Next: two digital cameras… but they are Leicas…

William Marques and an M8.

2292 - William Marques

Alexandre Oliveira and a Digilux.

2286 - Alexandre Oliveira

Guys, no Girls, and Their Cameras – 18

Adriano Brodbeck with a Nikon FM3A

2274 - Adriano Brodbeck

Eri Johnson with a Canon Rebel.

2275 - Eri Johnson Souza

Eduardo Martins and a Zenit 122.

2276 - Eduardo Martins Jr

Damião Santana and a Mamiya C220 t-shirt (in 3D) and two Rolleiflexes t-shirts (in 2D).

2277 - Damiao Santana

Pedro Henrique took his Pentax 67 to shoot high in the mountains.

2278 - Pedro Henrique Carquejeiro

Haristelio Almeida shoots both digital and film.

2279 - Haristelio Almeida

In this photo from Caio Proença is Mr. Freitas, the last of street photographers still working in Porto Alegre.

2280 - Caio Proença