Brazil in World Cup – GO BRAZIL!!!

Today Brazil debut in World Cup against Switzerland and what am I going to do? Shoot film, of course (this is me and my mother-in-law that looks much younger than me…)

2484 - Brazil

And as always I´m very minimalist with a Praktica MTL-3 with a Carl Zeiss Flektogon 35mm f/2.4 lens (my all-time favorite lens) shooting Kodak Tri-X expired in 1992!!!

2485 - Praktica

2486 - Kodak Tri-X

Photos and Cameras

On a facebook group someone asked “show a picture and the camera you took it”…

Fabricio Brambatti, Canon Prima and Leica CL.

2454 - Fabricio Brambatti2455 - Fabricio Brambatti2466 - Fabricio Brambatti2467 - Fabricio Brambatti

Eduardo Rodrigues, pinhole camera.

2456 - Eduardo Rodrigues2457 - Eduardo Rodrigues

Bruno Alves, Yashica MAT 124G.

2458 - Bruno Alves2459 - Bruno Alves

Marcelo Tolentino, Nikon FM2.

2460 - Marcelo Tolentino2461 - Marcelo Tolentino

Raphael Alves, Rolleiflex 3.5D.

2462 - Raphael Alves2463 - Raphael Alves

Túlio Cerquize, Olympus XA.

2464 - Túlio Cerquize2465 - Túlio Cerquize

Caio Pimentel, Nikon FM2 and Olympus 35RC.

2468 - Caio Pimentel2469 - Caio Pimentel

2470 - Caio Pimentel2471 - Caio Pimentel

Erick Gianezzi, Leica M6.

2472 - Erick Gianezzi2473 - Erick Gianezzi

Vitor Lopes Leite, Nikon F3.

2474 - Vitor Lopes Leite2475 - Vitor Lopes Leite

Rogerio de Oliveira, Pentax 67.

2476 - Rogerio Rocha Peres de Oliveira2477 - Rogerio Rocha Peres de Oliveira

Vitor Casemiro, Yashica Mini.

2478 - Vitor Casemiro2479 - Vitor Casemiro

The following pictures aren´t shown with their respective cameras but they are too good to not be shown.

Lucas Luiz with Olympus Trip.

2480 - Lucas Luiz Olympus Trip

Frederico Steinhoff with Hasselblad 500C.

2481 - Frederico Steinhoff Hasselblad 500C

More Girls, Guys and Their Cameras – 31

José Fujoka with a Canon 16mm movie camera.

2434 - José Fujocka

Monique Cabral with a Pentax 6×7.

2435 - Monique Cabral

Rafaela Paoli with a Diana.

2436 - Rafaela Delli Paoli

André Carvalho with a Rollei 35.

2437 - André Carvalho

Abner Rocha with a Polaroid.

2438 - Abner Rocha

Adriana Gomes with 2 cameras: Yashica Electro 35 (thank you, Ede)…

2439 - Adriana Gomes

… and a Pentax K1000.

2440 - Adriana Gomes

Alberto Ellobo with a Pentax Spotmatic.

2441 - Alberto Ellobo

This folowing picture was taken by Aldo Barranco from his wife peering at a Mamiya RB67.

2442 - Aldo Barrancos Wife

Alessandro Gerace raising his kid film style.

2443 - Alessandro Gerace

Girls, Guys and Their Cameras – 30

Abner Cestari with a Pentax 6×7 also known as “the mother of all SLR”

2424 - Abner Cestari

Ana Elisa with a Rolleiflex 3.5.

2425 - Ana Elisa

Andressa and a Pentax.

2426 - Andressa Miterhofer Cutini

Braga with a Nikon F4 (correct?). He looks tough but he is a gentleman.

2427 - Antonio Carlos Braga

Danny and a Nikon.

2428 - Danny Bittencourt

Ballot with a Mamiya RB67. He is our “professor”… He knows everything about photography (well, almost everything…).

2429 - David Ballot

Erika with a Nikon F.

2430 - Érika Mayumi

Fabio Oliveira with a Rolleiflex 2.8.

2431 - Fabio Oliveira

Ricardo shooting a Rolleiflex 2.8.

2432 - Ricardo Pereira

Yasmin with a Polaroid.

2433 - Yasmin


Girls, Guys and Their Cameras – 29

I know, I know… it´s some (a lot of!!) time without posting… But I´v been very busy last months and I had to put photography aside for a while. Now I´m back and here is another set of people using film cameras.

Mariana using a traditional SLR. It looks like Canon with FD mount but can´t be sure.

2413 - Mariana Moreira

Marisa using a Pentax Spotmatic with what looks like a flash trigger (?!)…

2414 - Marisa Umekawa

Michelle Ferrari with a folding (6×6 I guess) camera. I can´t tell the brand.

2415 - Michelle Ferrari Pavoni

Mario with a vintage Leica (maybe?)…

2416 - Mario Vázquez Amaya

Marcus with a wide-angle medium format camera, by its size I would guess at least 6×12… anyone?… He lives in Porto Alegre, 1100km South of São Paulo.

2417 - Marcus Luconi

Miguel Aun lives in Belo Horizonte, 600km North of São Paulo. Here with his Hasselblad with Distagon 40mm f/4.

2418 - Miguel Aun

Speaking of Hasselblad with Distagon, here c’est Moi with the same gear.

2419 - Moi4

And here the same camera with Planar 80mm lens. It appeared before here and here.

2420 - Moi7

Claudio Tebaldi is a friend from Rio de Janeiro that bought from me the Yashica EM (TLR).

2421 - Claudio Tebaldi 2

2422 - Claudio Tebaldi 1

And here I’m using the camera before sell it to Claudio.

2423 - Moi

Windows (film style)

Every photographer – doesn´t matter if film or digital – should someday try to shoot a waist-level camera. It is a great experience and really makes you think ten times before press the release button.

Aldo Barranco and a Mamiya 6×7.

2402 - Aldo Barranco

Abner Cestari with a Pentax 6×7.

2403 - Abner Cestari

Fabio Oliveira with a Pentax 6×7.

2404 - Fabio Oliveira

2405 - Fabio Oliveira

And notice he took the above photo with a Contax 645.

2406 - Fabio Oliveira by Mattheus Brito

Erika Mayumi using my Hasselblad.

2407 - Erika Mayumi

2410 - My Hasselblad

Erika was shooting Barbara Bombachini shooting her Mamiya 6×7.

2408 - Bárbara Bombachini

2409 - Bárbara Bombachini

Carolina Amorim with a Rolleiflex.

2411 - Carolina Amorim

Ziza Gomes with a toy camera.

2412 - Ziza Gomes

Girls, Guys and Their Cameras – 28

Guilherme Magalhães with a black Nikon FM.

2392 - Guilherme Magalhães

Gustavo Mahoney poses with a Rolleiflex 2.8D.

2393 - Gustavo Mahoney

José Pavoski looks through a Rolleiflex 2.8F.

2394 - José Manoel Pavoski

Paulo Ferraz checks an unknown camera… Coment from a viewer: “This camera is an Isis 6×6 built in Germany in the 50’s”. Thank you, Santa Virgilia.

2395 - Paulo José Silva Ferraz

Ricardo Takamura ducks to shoot his Nikon F.

2396 - Ricardo Takamura

Tatiana Gaclik with a Phenix (first time I see this brand).

2397 - Tatiana Gaclik

Ana Júlia Fernandes shows her Olympus OM2.

2398 - Ana Júlia Fernandes