Bixiga Fair

Every Sunday there is an antiques fair at Bixiga neighborhood (gosh! I have to learn how to entry a google map). Among lots of junk this guy sells some very nice large format cameras.

None are ready to go. All of them need some CLA or parts replacement. But nothing special. Just a bit of work and voilá! You have a LF camera.

I have some friends that shoot LF and I´v been thinking in start in LF photography too. Any of these cameras would be fine for me.

What called my attention in this picture is the wooden tripod. This one seems very rigid and good for a LF camera.

Canon F1 and Pentax 67

This is a 19 years old photography student that shoots both film and digital. He bought this Canon F1 with motordrive and battery grip for less than 190 US dollars. I shoot a few frames and loved the camera. There can´t be better cost-benefit.

Thanks to “digital revolution” poor amateur guys like him (and me too) can afford medium-format cameras like this Pentax 67 with Takumar 55 mm f/3.5 lens and metered pentaprism.