Eger Camera Style

Gábor from the blog camerajunky sent me some pictures his father took at city of Eger in Hungary. It´s amazing how good the cameras are.

I spent some time peering at this photo watching closely each camera. It´s truly amazing.

The antiques are fine too.

It´s a waste let all these cameras useless. A good film and a good scanner and they beat any digital camera for a fraction of the cost.

More from Bixiga Fair

As I said before, most of these cameras just need a CLA to be ready to work again.

Zenit 12XP.

This guy doesn´t seem to care if he sells or not his stuff.

Two PS: Canon and Yashica.

One Zeiss Ikon folding camera and a Kapsa Red Dot box camera. Both use 120 film (I should have bought this release cabe; they are hard to find in Brazil).

Lots of old pictures and a developing tank. I love see old pictures. I think about the history behind and wonder that those people are probably dead. It is kind of sad.

Maybe he thinks so too.

More from Bixiga Antiques Fair

“As I said before, 90% is pure junk. Decorative items only. Here a doll takes care of the business.”

Update Feb/15: I changed my opinion. There are some junk, sure, but most are usable cameras that just need some CLA from a skilled technician.

Some 8 mm movies.

Yashica 12 and two Yashica MAT TLR cameras.

One old Polaroid.

Revueflex 35 mm camera.

Elmo 16 mm projector.

One fake Yashica.

Bixiga Fair

Every Sunday there is an antiques fair at Bixiga neighborhood (gosh! I have to learn how to entry a google map). Among lots of junk this guy sells some very nice large format cameras.

None are ready to go. All of them need some CLA or parts replacement. But nothing special. Just a bit of work and voilá! You have a LF camera.

I have some friends that shoot LF and I´v been thinking in start in LF photography too. Any of these cameras would be fine for me.

What called my attention in this picture is the wooden tripod. This one seems very rigid and good for a LF camera.