Self-Portrait with a TLR

I read once that you are not a photographer until make a self-portrait on a mirror using a TLR camera. I know, it´s stupid, but, what the heck! Why not?

At that time I had two TLR cameras: Rollei Magic and Yashica MAT.

It could have been any of both, but I took Yashica to take this picture.

It´s a bit blurred because I had to use slow shutter speed (something like 1/15).

The camera was great. I loved that camera. I found it on a used furniture store (no kidding!), covered in dust, meter working perfectly even in low light. All it needed was a CLA that cost me almost the same as I paid for the camera (was very cheap).

I didn´t use it too much, maybe 4 or 5 rolls of film, until I sale it to a friend, but the pictures were very good. The Yashinon 80 mm f/3.5 lens was sharp even to the edges and was fantastic for BW photos. I can´t tell the diference between the pictures taken with this camera from those taken with a Rolleiflex.

The only color film I shoot with this cameras was an expired Kodak 64T which is set to Tungsten lamp and when used at daylight renders this blue color.

It´s stupid to say you are not a photographer until take a picture of yourself on a mirror using a TLR camera, but I can say you may become a better photographer when you exercise your look with a TLR.

More from Bixiga Antiques Fair

“As I said before, 90% is pure junk. Decorative items only. Here a doll takes care of the business.”

Update Feb/15: I changed my opinion. There are some junk, sure, but most are usable cameras that just need some CLA from a skilled technician.

Some 8 mm movies.

Yashica 12 and two Yashica MAT TLR cameras.

One old Polaroid.

Revueflex 35 mm camera.

Elmo 16 mm projector.

One fake Yashica.