Canon AE and Fuji Provia

Today I was in downtown when I heard this girl talking to her boyfriend about TLR cameras and I asked her if she shoots film. Not only she does shoot film as she showed me her beautiful Canon AE with 50 mm f/1.8 lens.

A few minutes later I went to Colormart to pick up some rolls I let to develop and I met this guy looking for a place to develop six Provia 100 120 format.

Colormart does not develop 120 film but I gave him some adresses that do so.

Leica CL and Two Agfa Isolettes

This weekend we gathered some friends to talk and take pictures in Sao Paulo downtown. It rendered a few pictures which I will post along this week.

Leo took a Leica CL…

And an Agfa Isolette that has just arrived from Ebay.

Yamamoto likes Rolleiflex but that day he was using another Agfa Isolette.

Yes, there was two identical Agfa Isolettes.

Keep buying films

The best way to help film companies to keep making the films we love is we keep buying these films. My recent purchases are:

Kodak Tri-X 400. Beautifull grains. Once I use medium-format much more than 35mm – and medium-format lenses are slower than 35mm – this film is perfect for low-light shooting. Sometimes I push it to 800. These I bought during a recent trip to Buenos Aires where they are cheaper.

And these 35mm I bought on a sale on a local shop.

Fuji Acros 100. Fine grains and wonderfull grey tones. I use it for daylight shooting and sometimes for long exposure with a tripod because it has no reciprocity up to 30 minutes. They are easily found on local shops for a very affordable price.

Fuji Velvia 50. For daylight and only when I know I will find bright colors. Ken Rockwell wrote so much and so good about this film that I decided to try it. Have shoot some but didn´t develope´em yet.

Fuji Provia 400. For every situation. I love the colors it renders. Do you have a friend that thinks digital is the best and film sucks? Show him a medium-format chome in the lightbox. He may not quit digital but he will probably start shooting film.

Canon F1 and Pentax 67

This is a 19 years old photography student that shoots both film and digital. He bought this Canon F1 with motordrive and battery grip for less than 190 US dollars. I shoot a few frames and loved the camera. There can´t be better cost-benefit.

Thanks to “digital revolution” poor amateur guys like him (and me too) can afford medium-format cameras like this Pentax 67 with Takumar 55 mm f/3.5 lens and metered pentaprism.