Mark Krieger

Mark Krieger, co-founder of Instagram, appeared on the cover of Veja magazine (the equivalente of Time Magazine in Brazil) with 4 models of Polaroid cameras.

He also appeared inside the magazine with same cameras.

Some curious facts:

– This article was published on Saturday 7 and Facebook announced the purchase of Instagram on Monday 9. Wow!

– On the cover one can read “it worths half billion dollars”. Almost! Instagram was sold for 1 billion.

– Instagram´s key to sucess: imitates film photography.

– Instagram´s logo is pretty much like a Polaroid camera.

More from Bixiga Antiques Fair

“As I said before, 90% is pure junk. Decorative items only. Here a doll takes care of the business.”

Update Feb/15: I changed my opinion. There are some junk, sure, but most are usable cameras that just need some CLA from a skilled technician.

Some 8 mm movies.

Yashica 12 and two Yashica MAT TLR cameras.

One old Polaroid.

Revueflex 35 mm camera.

Elmo 16 mm projector.

One fake Yashica.