Photos and Cameras

On a facebook group someone asked “show a picture and the camera you took it”…

Fabricio Brambatti, Canon Prima and Leica CL.

2454 - Fabricio Brambatti2455 - Fabricio Brambatti2466 - Fabricio Brambatti2467 - Fabricio Brambatti

Eduardo Rodrigues, pinhole camera.

2456 - Eduardo Rodrigues2457 - Eduardo Rodrigues

Bruno Alves, Yashica MAT 124G.

2458 - Bruno Alves2459 - Bruno Alves

Marcelo Tolentino, Nikon FM2.

2460 - Marcelo Tolentino2461 - Marcelo Tolentino

Raphael Alves, Rolleiflex 3.5D.

2462 - Raphael Alves2463 - Raphael Alves

Túlio Cerquize, Olympus XA.

2464 - Túlio Cerquize2465 - Túlio Cerquize

Caio Pimentel, Nikon FM2 and Olympus 35RC.

2468 - Caio Pimentel2469 - Caio Pimentel

2470 - Caio Pimentel2471 - Caio Pimentel

Erick Gianezzi, Leica M6.

2472 - Erick Gianezzi2473 - Erick Gianezzi

Vitor Lopes Leite, Nikon F3.

2474 - Vitor Lopes Leite2475 - Vitor Lopes Leite

Rogerio de Oliveira, Pentax 67.

2476 - Rogerio Rocha Peres de Oliveira2477 - Rogerio Rocha Peres de Oliveira

Vitor Casemiro, Yashica Mini.

2478 - Vitor Casemiro2479 - Vitor Casemiro

The following pictures aren´t shown with their respective cameras but they are too good to not be shown.

Lucas Luiz with Olympus Trip.

2480 - Lucas Luiz Olympus Trip

Frederico Steinhoff with Hasselblad 500C.

2481 - Frederico Steinhoff Hasselblad 500C

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