Canon 7 (again)

Canon 7 with f/0.95 lens is a great camera. For the next four months after I have bought it it was the only camera I used.

I thought for a while to sell all my 35 mm gear and keep only these two cameras.

I liked it for night shots but as you can see on the photos bellow, at 0.95 the lens is quite soft (photos bellow: two friends also using film cameras on a night photo tour).

It is also too expensive to be used at night on a dangerous city like Sao Paulo. So after these four months I returned to use my Yashica.

The Planar lens 50 mm f/1.4 is a bit more than one f-stop slower then Canon´s f/0.95, but it compensates with a good metering system. And I don´t have to handle with such a care as when I shoot with Canon 7.

The next two pictures were taken with Yashica + Planar. This guy is a newsstand owner and he uses a Yashica point-and-shoot film camera. As you can see the bokeh of the Planar lens is beautiful.

But I still have to learn how to take low-light pictures.

Angel Foto

This week I went to São Paulo downtown where there are some photo shops for new and used equipment.

This is Angel Foto at Sete de Abril Gallery.

Display for Leica and Leica-related only (Bessa, Konica Hexar, etc).

Medium and large-format, polaroid, vintage and movie cameras, light meters and cases.

35 mm cameras, flashes and lenses.

UPDATE: This is their assortment of film.