MG Camera

MG Camera is a small shop at neighbor city Jundiai, 50 kilometers from Sao Paulo. It was opened in 1977 and now is run by Renato, the founder´s son.

I found this place on an ad at Mercado Livre (the “South-American Ebay”). He has several Rolleiflex for sale, most of them needing some minor maintenance. Even a Tele-Rolleiflex and a Contarex with some lenses.


Anatec is a small repair shop run by Mr. Peres and his wife Mrs. Regina. The name comes from their daughter: Ana.

It is located on first floor of Galeria Sete de Abril building, right underneath Medaglini.

It is a clean and organized space where Mr. Peres and his employee work.

Shelves with serviced cameras waiting to be picked up.


It´s not what you think. Paparazzi is a small camera shop for used equipment only. It is located on the underground at Sete de Abril gallery just next the hair salon.

As well as other stores, their equipment is in good condition.

And their attendants are very experienced.

Just don´t go between 12:00 and 13:00 o´clock because they close for lunch.


Optimar is one of oldest camera repair shops still working in Sao Paulo. They have been in this very same place for 60 years!! No kidding. One decade ago they were a large company with almost 110 employees but now only 5 people are working there.

This is Ms. Yeda, wife of Mr. Frederico the shop owner.

According to her that photo of Lunar module was made from the original negative took on the Moon by the astronauts of Apolo program. It was a gift given to Mr. Frederico during a training in Hasselblad facilities in Sweden back in the 70´s.

Ms. Yeda is a friendly and nice lady that knows a lot about still and movie cameras. Take some time to visit Optimar. Ms. Yeda will serve you a nice coffe and speak about the old times.

Some posters decorate the walls. Among them the certificates of Mr. Frederico.


Consigo is the largest Photo and Video shop in São Paulo. They used to sale new and used cameras and lenses but nowadays they sale new equipment only.

There is a room for studio and darkroom stuff.

And a good supply of films.

There is also a gallery for exibitions.

In this gallery Mario Bock shows a part of his huge collection of three thousand cameras.

Angel Foto

This week I went to São Paulo downtown where there are some photo shops for new and used equipment.

This is Angel Foto at Sete de Abril Gallery.

Display for Leica and Leica-related only (Bessa, Konica Hexar, etc).

Medium and large-format, polaroid, vintage and movie cameras, light meters and cases.

35 mm cameras, flashes and lenses.

UPDATE: This is their assortment of film.