Bixiga Again

Bixiga antiques fair takes place every Sunday on Don Orione square. Most of these cameras are in good condition. All they need is a CLA (clean, adjust, lub) and they are good to go again.

Here a Canon AE-1, Minolta and Olympus OM.

Kodak Brownie and Zeiss Contaflex.

A bunch of cameras: Olympus Trip, Olympus Pen, Ricoh and others.

Including a Pentax Spotmatic with meter which is hard to find and seems be in good shape. Plus a Canonet.

Canon F1 and Pentax 67

This is a 19 years old photography student that shoots both film and digital. He bought this Canon F1 with motordrive and battery grip for less than 190 US dollars. I shoot a few frames and loved the camera. There can´t be better cost-benefit.

Thanks to “digital revolution” poor amateur guys like him (and me too) can afford medium-format cameras like this Pentax 67 with Takumar 55 mm f/3.5 lens and metered pentaprism.