Hoarding Films Not Alone

I got some more films today: two Fujichrome Provia 400F and one Fujicolor NPS 160 (“Fuji´s Portra”, very good for portraits).

2039 - Film 120

I have been hoarding films for some time now and it became almost an addiction. The bright side is that I´m buying´em really cheap (usually from professional photographers going only digital) and they don´t loose their market value. Check how much my stock grew in two years.


0009 - Stock of Films


1470 - Freezing Films

And all this time I´v been shooting a lot.

1517 - Films to Process

Fortunatelly I´m not alone in this hoarding thing. I know a bunch of people that hoard films too. Here are some of them.


1992 - Caires

Antonio Carlos.

0259 - Dream Fridge

Gabor (he writes an excelente blog about film cameras).

2040 - CameraJunky

Rodrigo Cardozo.

2041 - Rodrigo Cardozo

Rafael Prado.

2043 - Rafael Prado

2044 - Rafael Prado

Andre Correa.

2045 - Andre Correa

2046 - Andre Correa

2047 - Andre Correa

Tiago Nagasima.

2048 - Thiago Nagasima

Julio Cezar Marin.

2053 - Julio Cezar Marin

Romero Filho.

2050 - Romero Araujo Filho

Fernando Takashi.

2051 - Fernando Takashi

EXPIRED FILMS. I use to shoot a lot of expired films. I have some recently expired (like 5 years) and some far long expired, like these Kodak Tri-X, expired in 1992 (see below).

2057 - 1992 Tri-X

2058 - 1992 Tri-X

And here are some other guys willing to try a-long-ago expired films.

From Renato Mariano, Kodak Olimpic Sponsor? It was in 1988!

2049 - Renato Marciano
How about this? Sakura film expired in 1970!

2052 - Expired Film

Gabor again (from Hungary), Fortepan expired in 1987.

2055 - Gabor

2056 - Gabor

Sergio Buss and lot of Kodak Ektachrome expired in 1981.

2042 - Sergio Buss vencido 81

Andre Carvalho have a Konika film expired in 2002.

2054 - Andre Carvalho

When the film is kept frozen its aging process stops and you can shoot it like a new one. But if not kept frozen, then you have to compensate 1 f-stop to each 10 years out of the fridge.

For example, my Tri-X expired in 1992 were not frozen untill I got them in 2010. Eighteen years out of the fridge, so I have to compensate 2 f-stops (I shoot them as ISO 100 instead of ISO 400).

This is a general rule to use when you have no idea how to shoot old films. But there are many other parameters you can deal with to achieve good results (different chemicals, bath times, etc).

Color negatives and chrome films are more sensitive to aging process than B&W. They are prone to fog and color casting and how you are going to shoot it depends on if you are going to scan or print with traditional process (enlarger).

About Pinhole

A few years ago I experimented some shots with pinhole photography. I made a “pinhole lens” which consisted in two black anodized flanges that could be unscrewed to hold a piece of aluminium foil between them. Then I used a needle to pinch a hole in the foil.

2030 - Pinhole

2031 - Pinhole

2032 - Pinhole

I made it M42 and used an adapter to dock it to the camera.

2033 - Pinhole

2034 - Pinhole

2035 - Pinhole

I got some curious results but I loose interest shortly after.

2036 - Pinhole

2038 - Pinhole

2037 - Pinhole

Pinhole is fun.

35 mm Pinhole Cameras

Yesterday I met Rogerio Suenaga. He got a bag full of empty film canisters because he volunteers on poor comunities teaching kids how to make pinhole cameras out of this canisters.


2027 - Rogerio

2059 - Rogerio Pinhole

He get some pretty amazing pictures out of these pinhole cameras.

2028 - Rogerio

2029 - Rogerio

He also makes pinhole cameras out of painted cans where he uses photographic paper instead of film.

2061 - Rogerio Pinhole

The paper doesn´t have same sensibility than film so the pictures are much more faint and blurred. But the point here, in pinhole photography, is how amazingly simple it is to take pictures using film or paper.

2062 - Rogerio Pinhole

2063 - Rogerio Pinhole

Rogerio also have a Minolta for 35mm film.

2060 - Rogerio Pinhole

More Film – Kodak Pro Image

Today I went to pick up a newly developed film. I love thumbs through the photos and recall the moment they were taken. I also bought a 5 pack of Kodak Pro Image.

2022 - ProImage

I´v been buying more than I´v been shooting so my fridge drawer is full.

2023 - Fridge

2024 - Fridge

2025 - Fridge

But recently I bought a new fridge with lots of space for films.