Guys and girls and their cameras – 4

Pedro Costa Neto with his Bessa R3m. He has been in this blog before.

2157 - Pedro Costa Neves

Roberto Tamer and a Yashica MAT-EM, similar to Massimo´s and a former mine.

2158 - Roberto Tamer

Alberto Rocha and what I think is a Yashica 124G.

2159 - Alberto Rocha

Hing Kong and a beautiful set of cameras: Contarex, Canon and Rolleiflex.

2160 - Hing Kong

Rodrigo Cardoso is a very eclectic shooter. He shoots Olympus Pen…

2161 - Rodrigo Cardozo

… Pentax ME…

2162 - Rodrigo Cardozo

… and Hasselblad.

2163 - Rodrigo Cardozo

Warley shoots a Canonet QL-something and just yesterday he bought my Spotmatic with 50/1.4 (no kidding, he really did).

2164 - Warley Souza

Yuri shoots Hasselblad…

2165 - Yuri Pesic

… and Leica M9. Yet not a film camera but… what the hell?

2166 - Yuri Pesic

Antonio Veras shoots a Olympus OM-something…

2167 - Antonio Veras Paes

… and a Flexaret just like my older one.

2168 - Antonio Veras Paes

Guys and girls and their cameras – 3

Leo Lazzaro and a very hard-to-find 6×9 Voigtlander Bessa II (similar to the mine).

2147 - Leo Lazzaro

Julio Cezar with a Polaroid…

2148 - Júlio Cézar Marin

… and what looks like a Olympus O-something.

2149 - Júlio Cézar Marin

Juvenal Pereira.

2150 - Juvenal Pereira

Josias Teofilo.

2151 - Josias Teófilo

Lucas Maruo and a Hasselblad.

2152 - Lucas Ryoiti Maruo

Lucas Souza and a Yashica (maybe?).

2153 - Lucas Souza

Mario Vazquez and an old Leica III.

2154 - Mario Vázquez Amay

Marlon Henrique and a Canonet QL-something.

2155 - Marlon Henrique

Paulo Neves and a Canon FX.

2156 - Paulo Neves

Guys and girls and their cameras – 2

Dani Vargas and a Pentax ME…

2137 - Dani Vargas

… and a Rolleiflex 3.5D.

2138 - Dani Vargas

Dimas and a Yashica FX-2. He is the only guy besides me that I saw using this camera. Here is mine.

2139 - Dimas Filho

Edona and a Nikon FM2.

2140 - Edona Sahatqija

Fabio and Yashica 124G.

2141 - Fabio Oliveira

Gabriel and a Nikon F-something on a very grainy photo.

2142 - Gabriel Gonçalves

Guilherme and a Canonet QL17 or QL19 or QL28 (help, anyone?).

2143 - Guilherme Thomaz

Guilherme´s wife? Maybe? Not sure… and a Olympus Trip.

2144 - Guilherme Thomaz

Joao Lucas and son? Maybe? Not sure… and Olympus Trip and Olympus Pen.

2145 - Joao Lucas Albuquerque

Miguel and I couldn´t name his camera. Help, someone?

2146 - José Miguel

Guys and girls and their cameras – 1

Some guys and girls and their cameras. This pictures come from our facebook group.

Andre and a Flexaret similar to the mine.

2127 - Anchell André

Auke and a Pentax Spotmatic.

2128 - André Auke

Jacob and what looks like a Nikon (am I wrong?).

2129 - André Jacob

Bethania and a Zenit.

2130 - Bethânia Madruga

Brayan and a Canon F-1.

2131 - Brayan Linhares 1

Brenda and Olympus Pen.

2132 - Brenda Ferreira

Caca and Leica M9 (thank you, Oscar and Cel). Not film but… it´s ok…

2133 - Cacá Dominiquini

Carol and another Pentax.

2134 - Carol Oliveira

Carolina and a Yashica 635.

2135 - Carolina Torres

Cris Miranda and another Pentax Spotmatic. This camera was massively sold in Brazil back in the 70´s.

2136 - Cris Miranda

New Twin Rolleiflex

From time to time I come across some good deals. A few months ago I purchased a Rolleiflex and took it to Mr. Peres for a CLA. Last week he called me to say “It´s done” and today I went there to pick it up. Only then I realized it is a whiteface with Xenotar lens identical to the old one (at left).

2125 - Rollei Xenotar

Its serial shows it is a bit newer than the other.

2126 - Rollei Xenotar

I can´t wait to burn some films with the new camera. I even bought some Acros, very cheap.

2124 - Fuji Acros

Speaking about Rolleiflex and film, Claudio – a friend who lives in Rio de Janeiro – also got some films to feed into his cameras.

2122 - Claudio Tebaldi

2123 - Claudio Tebaldi

I love TLRs!! They are light, handy and the leather case provides good protection to the camera.

Dr. Rodehüser Camera

Paulo Pretti is the owner of Pretti, a small shop in the undergrounds of Galeria Sete de Abril. They sell almost only used cameras and lenses but they also collects some odd and rare cameras.

Last time I was there, Paulo showed me this camera. It´s a Dr. Rodehüser camera which I have never seen before. Its body was made out of a solid aluminium block and it fits 127 rollfilm.


2114 - Rodehuser

2115 - Rodehuser

2116 - Rodehuser

2117 - Rodehuser

I found a very interesting text about Dr. Rudehüser:

“Dr. Rodehüser founded Dr. Rodehüser, Feinmechanischer Optischer Apparatebau, a German company based in Heeßen, Westphalia. Its factory in Bergkamen, Westphalia, made still cameras. The company made the Panta viewfinder cameras for 120 and 127 rollfilm, solid metal cameras with sturdy aluminium body. After bankruptcy Dr. Rodehüser refounded the company as Westfälische Kamera- und Apparatebau. This company failed and RODEHÜSER FLED TO BRAZIL (!!!) for a while. His consultant Heinrich Otterbach refounded the company as Feinmechanisch-optischer Gerätebau Schück & Co.. Financing the new company was based on an act of fraud. Rodehüser and his consultant had misused the postwar credit program of the government to found a KG (commanditist company) which was not able to survive with the simple cameras that it had produced. At the end both had consumed 750.000 D-Mark state money for their experiment and ended in jail.”

First things first: SHIT!! Why everyone has to flee to Brazil?!! Second, it is possible that this camera may be brought to Brazil by Dr. Rosehünd himself although it is very difficult do prove.