Filmepalooza Summer 4

Those were the “events” in Filmepalooza Summer. Buy and sell second-hand film cameras.

1823 - Flea Market

There were really fewer people than previous edition so there were much less cameras for trade.

1812 - Flea Market

Photo exchange (take a photo, leave a photo).

1824 - Photo Exchange

1813 - Photo Exchange

Slide projection were you could project your slides. I have at least 10 carrousels but I forgot it completely.

1814 - Slide Projection

Daniel Avila and Alex Villegas setup a studio to shoot 4×5 portraits from volunteers.

1825 - Daniel Avila

1828 - Alex Villegas

1815 - Alex

1816 - Alex

Caires did volunteer.

1817 - Alex

1818 - Alex

And I did as well. Someone recorded a video of me trying to stay still while Alex was preparing the camera (what takes quise some time…)

1819 - My Portrait

Alex didn´t process the photos in loco but he showed some photos in 4×5 film…


… and glass plates.

1822 - Glass Plates

Lila Souza taught how to home process BW films.

1826 - Lila Souza

She shoots a Leica III.

1839 - Lila Souza

Bruno Massao (the guy at the center in this photo) this time talked about lenses, from wideangle to teleobjectives.

1827 - Bruno Massao

Thiago Ramos talked about “Essays” (I don´t know exactly what it was about).

1829 - Thiago Ramos

André Correa (the guy with a Rolleiflex t-shirt) is the one behind Filmepalooza. He is a film fanatic (I am too) and he also runs a website about film photography. His lecture was “Why shoot film?”.

1830 - Andre Correa

Luiz Fellipe talked about Lightroom for beginners.

1831 - Luiz Fellipe

Leo Neves talked about “Flash for beginners”.

1832 - Leo Neves

Larissa Coutinho made an interesting lecture: “How start shooting film”. It may be obvious for us used to shoot film (take a camera, put a film inside, start shooting), but I know it is a bit scary for younger people used only to digital.

1833 - Larissa Coutinho

She and two other friend run a website about lomography.

1837 - Lomogracinha

She shot me!!

1838 - Me at Filmepalooza

Rodrigo Netto showed in loco how to home digitize films.

1834 - Rodrigo Netto

Marcos Semola talked about street photography (not to mention his Leica shirt).

1835 - Marcos Semola

Philippe Machado manages Lomography Store in Brazil and he talked about… lomography.

1836 - Philippe Machado

Praktica MTL-5B

I wrote in this post how much I liked my Praktica MTL-3 and it is the best cost-benefit ratio for 35mm film photography.

1701 - Praktica MTL-3

1702 - Praktica MTL-3

It´s a great camera with a superb lens and I used it at lot untill I sale it to a friend. This photo of my girl was made with this camera.

1703 - Dani

Well… DÉJÀ VU! I just come home with this beautifull combo for less than $100: Praktica MTL-5B with Pentacon 50mm f/1.8, Takumar 200mm f/4 and Sicor 28mm f/2.8.

1696 - Praktica MTL-5B

The camera is in great shape, all working. There was a film in the camera that I´m going to process and see what I got.

1697 - Praktica MTL-5B

The dial at speed knob is missing. Not a big deal.

1698 - Praktica MTL-5B

Pentacon brand still visible at bottom plate.

1699 - Praktica MTL-5B

It came with original strap and case (which is very handy for me once I´m not very carefull with cameras), hood, UV filter, flash, power cord and bag.

1700 - Praktica MTL-5B

Filmepalooza Summer 2

Zenit E and Zenit 11 with custom made red leather (very beautiful!!).

1672 - Zenits

1674 - Zenit-E

1673 - Zenit 11

Minolta XG-7.


1676 - Minolta XG-7

Lomo LC-A, Canon EOS-Something and Nikon FM2.

1677 - Lomocanikon

1678 - Lomo LC

1679 - Canon EOS Something

1680 - Nikon FM2

Canon A1 and a nice T-shirt.


1682 - Canon A1

(I had a Canon A1 a few years ago that I bought from my uncle.

1683 - Canon A1

1685 - Canon A1

After he passed away I handed the camera to my cousin).

Mamiya 645.


1689 - Mamiya 645

Leica III.


1691 - Leica III

Canon QL.


1693 - Canon QL

Yashica GSN.


1695 - Yashica Electro