Girls, Guys and Their Cameras – 12

Felipe Paiva and a Olympus Trip.

2231 - Felipe Paiva

Ana Clara and a Diana.

2232 - Ana Clara

Bruno Faiha with two cameras: Leica M6…

2233 - Bruno Fraiha

… and Pentax K-1000.

2234 - Bruno Fraiha

Vitória Leona and a Diana CMYK.

2235 - Vitória Leona

Ni Lu Silva selfieing her cameras: Olympus Trip (I think), Pentax K-1000 (not sure), a box camera and a Diana.

2236 - Ni Lu Silva

Rodrigo Cardozo seems very happy backpacking with his Pentax K-1000.

2237 - Rodrigo Cardozo

This one.

2238 - Rodrigo Cardozo

Lucas Bortotti and a Rolleiflex 2.8F (notice also the shutter tatoo on his arm).

2239 - Lucas Bortotti

This is a family of photographers. From the left: Gabi da Rosa, her father and her sister. Besides they work with digital cameras, they rather choose hold film cameras in this picture. Gabi holds what I think is an Agfa 6×9, her father have a Mamiya 645 and Guiga have a baby Rolleiflex.

2240 - Guiga da Rosa

Mario Testino and a Pentax 67-II.

2241 - Mario Testino

Girls, Guys and Their Cameras – 9

Lívia Lima and Canon FTb.

2206 - Livia Lima

David Ballot and Canon AE-1 (I think).

2207 - David Ballot

Alberto Ellobo´s son (I think) and Olympus OM-something with what I thinks is a 300mm f/4 lens.

2208 - Alberto Ellobo

Daniel Maldonado and a Pentax 645.

2209 - Daniel Maldonado

Isabela Catão with two Lomos.

2210 - Isabela Catão

Marlon Henrique and an unknown camera.

2211 - Marlon Henrique

Luiz Jorge and a Rolleiflex 3.5.

2212 - Luiz Jorge

Paula Chamle and a RBFC (really big format camera).

2213 - Paula Chamle

Hugo Trimmel and a Crown Graphic or Speed Graphic.

2214 - Hugo Trimmel

Guys and their cameras – 8

Walter Firmo is a professional photographer and photography teacher. This is a flyer for his classes. Notice the Hasselblad in his hands.

2198 - Duda Firmo

Danilo Cunha and a Nikkormat (I´v just bought one for me too).

2199 - Danilo Cunha

Nercio Vargas and Nikon F.

2200 - Nercio Vargas

Erick Gianezzi and a Leica M3 (thank you, Oscar).

2201 - Erick Gianezzi

Pedro Saud and Canon F-something (help, someone?).

2202 - Pedro Saud

André Corrêa and a Olympus 35 SPn (thanks again, Oscar).

2203 - Andre Correa

Tadeu Bianconi and a Hasselblad with 45° prism.

2204 - Tadeu Bianconi

Aldo Barranco with a Mamiya RB67 (here called “the monster”).

2205 - Aldo Barranco

Guys and their cameras – 7

José Luis and Rolleiflex 3.5.

2195 - Jose Luis

Glauco and his Hasselblad.

2193 - Glauco

2194 - Glauco

Andersen with (what I think is) a Minolta…

2196 - Andersen

… and a Calumet LF.

2197 - Andersen

Braga and a Fuji 6×9 in his lab with some enlarges…

2191 - Braga

… and his Omega View LF.

2192 - Braga

Nanã (from Portugal) and a NSD camera (made by himself).

2189 - Nanã

Marco and a RLF (really large format) camera.

2190 - Marco

Guys and girls and their cameras – 6

Cel and Yashica 124G.

2186 - Cel

Cel and a Leica M-something with a converted Canon 0.95 lens (which I sold him, by the way…).

2185 - Cel

And Cel and Andre Correa with the same combo.

2184 - Cel and Andre

Roberto Vieira and a Speed Graphic.

2187 - Vieira

Renan Catto and his Canon F-1 with winder. I´v tried this camera and liked the meter.

2182 - Renan Catto

Marcello Sokal is a professional photographer working at Itajai (south of Brazil). He has quite a few cameras and we´v traded some lenses. Here he is using his Leica M6.

2188 - Marcello Sokal

Yamamoto is a biologist PhD. and a bonsai enthusiast. Here he is with his custom leather Rolleiflex 3.5.

2183 - Flavio

Silviano is a mining engineer. Last year he took us to the limestone mine where he works. He inherited his Pentax Spotmatic from his father.

2180 - Silviano

This is Silviano´s wife with the same Spotmatic but with a Takumar 17 mm f/4 fisheye.

2181 - Silvianos Wife